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Community Partnership Scheme


Nous actively contributes to the work of charitable and community organisations through our Community Contribution Fund (CCF). Through the CCF, Nous partners with not-for-profit organisations to deliver discounted consulting projects that they otherwise could not afford.

In the last four years alone, the CCF has partnered with over 40 organisations on more than 45 projects that aimed to deliver lasting positive change. Over this period, Nous and its partner organisations have delivered consulting projects with a market value of approximately $2.4m. On average, organisations contributed to two-thirds of the full market value of these projects while the remainder was funded through the CCF with in-kind consulting services.

In 2016, Nous introduced the Nous Community Partnership Scheme, a grants process which has so far awarded $275,000 of consulting services in a single round to a number of organisations. The Scheme represents the same principles of positive influence and co-contribution as the broader CCF.

2016 Scheme focus and priorities

This year, Nous sought submissions for proposals for projects that will enable disadvantaged and marginalised Australians to participate more fully in their community and society.

The eight organisations we will partner with in 2016...

Biala Peninsula

Biala Peninsula provides early intervention for young children with additional needs, delays and disabilities and their families; providing them and their families the opportunity and support to join in a range of family and community activities.

Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service

The Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service supports community initiatives that improve quality of life and address substance misuse affecting young people in Central Australia.

Family Life

Family Life is a community service organisation in Melbourne enabling young people and families to thrive in caring communities. It offers counselling, mediation, mental health services, support and community educational services, outreach to homes, case coordination and advocacy.

Just Reinvest NSW

Just Reinvest NSW works to keep Aboriginal young people out of NSW prisons through a  justice reinvestment approach, reallocating resources from incarceration to building stronger, safer communities.

Kids Under Cover

Kids Under Cover works to prevent disadvantaged young people from becoming homeless by providing studio accommodation in family backyards, as well as education scholarships.


Marist180 supports youth at risk and other vulnerable groups in society who may face exclusion from education, employment or basic rights, or who are homeless, who experience domestic violence, or are otherwise in need of care.

WA Deaf Society

The WA Deaf Society provides sign language interpreting, employment and community services to Deaf and hard of hearing people in Western Australia. WA Deaf Society also offers Auslan classes to anyone interested in learning the national language of Deaf people.


Whitelion is a national organisation that helps young people break the cycle of disadvantage to achieve change in their lives via prevention programs, intensive support services and street outreach services.

More information

For more information on the 2016 Community Partnership Scheme access the full application guidelines or brochure.

To express interest in the 2017 Community Partnership Scheme email