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Our consulting approach


Nous brings a collaborative approach to the development of effective, implementable and enduring solutions.

We combine strong technical capabilities and an engaging style in the provision of compelling advice in the areas of:

We offer a unique combination of expert advice and depth of domain knowledge and experience. These combine to bring fresh thinking and practical solutions to the challenges facing our clients and our society.

Our approach is founded upon five characteristics that enable us to deliver quality outcomes on time and in ways that quickly generate benefits and useful insights for stakeholders:

  1. Hypothesis based – used ‘up front’ in order to help clarify and understand the knowledge, data and information needed to successfully undertake the project.
  2. Results oriented – an approach that is always focused on delivering results on time.
  3. Analytical and creative – a distinctive feature of our work is its penchant for underpinning recommendations with solid evidence and rigorous analysis.
  4. Stakeholder engagement focused – we recognise that the approach taken to stakeholder engagement is the key factor in shaping the success of projects.
  5. Active realism the approach we take to executive and leadership development. 'Active' in the sense that participants personally engage in the development process – they cannot simply passively observe or analyse, but must work to be part of the leadership opportunities and solutions. 'Realism' in that participants continually confront their own particular leadership challenges, and those of their organisation – its strategic direction, customers’ demands and followers’ needs and expectations.