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Our value proposition


We aim to deliver three core promises:

Bold ideas, by and with engaging people, to deliver influential, enduring solutions.

Bold ideas
We think strategically, deeply and with originality, often beyond received wisdom. Imagination and rigour are equal and essential partners.

We resource each project team with a unique combination of expert advice, depth of domain knowledge and situation experience. These combine to bring fresh thinking and innovative yet practical solutions to the challenges facing our clients and our society.

Nous solutions are bold and layered in benefit for our clients.

Engaging people
Nous consultants are uniquely engaging and authentic. We believe that, ultimately, people make the difference so we invest heavily in creating consultants and client engagements that are memorable.

Our communication, facilitation and stakeholder engagement are signature strengths that we bring to every assignment.

Nous’ people and clients are attracted by our motivation and capacity to deliver positive influence through intellectually stimulating work.

Influential, enduring solutions
We know that the value of our work is measured by its value for money, pervasive influence and capacity to make a lasting difference.

We achieve our best results when we partner with clients in demanding and complex sectors.

Our insights and influence are always customised and owned by the client for their lasting benefit.