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Nous compared to the major strategy consultancies


If you’re seeking to begin or further your career in management consulting you’re likely to be considering many of the major strategy houses.

So, why should you choose Nous?

You should choose us and we should choose you – this is a two-way process – because:

  • We are values-driven. Our reasons for being define why we exist and how we choose our work.
  • We strive to achieve positive influence through work that makes a positive difference to our clients and our community.
  • We want to be intellectually stimulated by the work we do. We love thinking innovatively and solving complex problems.
  • The work is more important than making money. We pay fairly and assess our value in the market by determining what our clients will pay for our services.
  • Our environment is collegiate and we nurture our culture – it is one of our defining attributes.
  • You will work on projects and be valued for your contribution from day one – you won’t be in the back room, hidden away doing analysis and research – you will be engaging with clients.
  • You will be given responsibilities on projects.
  • As experts in leadership, we have the internal capability to ensure you develop the leadership capabilities that will enable you to excel.
  • Nous successfully competes with the major international strategy and big 4 consulting firms: we are a significant consulting firm in the Australian marketplace.
  • Our people have the opportunity to participate in our profit share scheme after one year of fulltime employment.
  • Our consultancy has more people than the consulting practices of many of the larger firms.
  • As we continue to grow, we maintain a sense of collegiality.
  • We set you up for success - not to compete against your colleagues.

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