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What makes us different


Everything we do is about positive influence

How do we deliver positive influence?

  • We work hard to solve complex problems across the private and public sectors.
  • We deliver outstanding business results that underpin our clients’ contribution to our society.
  • We seek to improve our society’s well-being.
  • We actively debate and choose the work we do to ensure it aligns with our reasons for being. These are the reasons we love working at Nous, and they are woven into everything we do.

Make a real difference

Nous attracts people who share a determination to do great work: management consulting is a powerful way to effect positive change with our clients, our communities and within Nous. We recognise that our success is only realised through the achievements of our clients and their positive contribution to society.

Challenge your mind

We pride ourselves on the originality and intellectual quality of our work. Intellectual stimulation is one of our pre-eminent reasons for being. We actively seek work that, along with delivering outstanding results for clients, is genuinely interesting and intellectually stimulating.

Work collaboratively and share in the success

Nous is a privately held company that believes in sharing the rewards of our collective hard work. All staff qualify for participation in the bonus scheme after 12 months of fulltime service. Bonus size is tied to company performance.

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