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Frequently asked questions


About Nous Group

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What are the Nous reasons for being?

See reasons for being

What are the types of projects Nous works on?

See a selection of our projects in work

What are the consulting levels?

See consulting roles

How often will I work on client sites?

We work closely with our clients, often in mixed teams and sometimes for extended periods on site.

Is there flexibility at Nous?

We offer flexible working arrangements to ensure you enjoy the work you do and equally value the time spent in other important areas of your life.  

What are the professional development opportunities at Nous?

See professional development

Career progression at Nous?

Career progression is definitely possible at Nous.

We are committed to and take professional development seriously. However, there are no time bound expectations of progress: people develop at their own pace, provided they are performing well.

We have Nousers who have progressed from admin based roles into consulting, and graduates who have progressed from consultant to senior consultant, as well as senior consultant to principal and leadership roles.

To enable the effective calibration and assessment of career progression, we define roles in terms of market value criteria that link to our reasons for being, i.e. the ability to:

  • win business
  • deliver projects
  • develop Nous capability
  • develop products.

Central to career progression at Nous is the capacity to lead, influence and deliver to clients and internal teams.  That is, career progression in Nous is primarily about taking on more influential roles on more influential projects with more influential clients.

What is the dress code?

We focus on the work we do rather than what we wear, so wear what costume is appropriate for the day. For client contact you should be professionally attired. If you’re spending the day in the office, smart casual is fine.

Does Nous have a green initiative?

Yes, we have an environmental plan that aims to actively reduce our negative impact on the environment. 



What offices does Nous recruit for?

We recruit in all of our offices. To find out more about specific see current opportunities

Can I apply for more than one location?

You can apply for more than one location. The system will ask which locations you are interested in and you are able to tick multiple locations.

Can I apply if I am not a permanent resident or am in the process for applying for my permanent residency?

Unfortunately no. To be eligible to apply for a role at Nous you must be an Australian citizen, Australian resident or have permission under Commonwealth Law to work and remain in Australia indefinitely.

Does Nous cover travel costs if interviews are held in a different state?

Yes. We will pay for all travel and accommodation costs in the final interview round.

Can I apply if I am doing a postgraduate degree?



Application process

How do I apply for a position at Nous?

To apply please go to the current opportunities page.

What do we look for in applicants?

We consider all the information in your application and are excited by the following attributes:

  • œ  intelligent and academically accomplished 
  • œ  university involvement and/or extra‑curricular activities
  • œ  leadership and /or work experience
  • œ  ability to structure and undertake effective analysis
  • œ  engaging and professional communication skills
  • œ  enthusiasm and a commitment to developing.

What is the recruitment process?

Our process has five stages:

  1. Capability assessment & preliminary screen:
    Capability assessment: The first step in our recruitment process is an online assessment that tests your ability to complete tasks that Nous consultants undertake. It comprises a number of questions and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete, although there is no time limit.
    Preliminary screen: This is a 30-60 minute discussion with one of the People Team. We focus on your previous experience and what you are looking for in your next role.
  2. Written case study. We will ask you to complete a written case study - an example of a typical project you may work on at Nous. This will be sent via email and you are given 5 days to complete it. Instructions will be sent through with the case study
  3. Skills interview.  We discuss your skills and capabilities and include a verbal case study. This will be approximately 1 hour with two Nousers. 
  4. Fit interview. Cultural fit is key predictor of success (and happiness), so we focus on what’s important to you and the environment you like to work in. It will be approximately 1 hour with two Nousers.
       *If you are applying for a senior position at Nous then you will complete a psychometric assessment before the fit interview.
       *If applying for a position in the leadership practice you will also have a facilitation interview.
  5. Final interview with Tim Orton, Nous’ founder and managing director.

Candidates will be given updates at each stage of the process.

When should I apply to Nous?

We accept applications throughout the year. Those received during the Christmas period will not be reviewed until the end of January.

Is there a closing date?

No, there is no closing date on the vacancies.

Once I have submitted my application, how long until I hear from someone at Nous?

We will contact with you within 14 days to notify you of our decision.

What will I need to include in my application?

When you apply for a position, the system will prompt you for your documents. These will include a cover letter, resume and potentially academic transcripts and year 12 certificate dependant on the role you are applying for.

To whom should I address my cover letter?

Your application will be reviewed by one of our People Team, so is best to address your cover letter to the ‘Nous People Team’

What academic grade average do I require?

You must have a distinction or above average. The work we do is intellectually demanding and often complex, so it requires a high level of skill and a strong intellect.

How do I choose which practice area I would be most suitable for?

You don’t need to. We suggest you look on the website and get a feel for the type of work each practice does. You can then let us know which appeals and we can assess as we go through the process. Note that we encourage all graduates to work across the practices to develop their breadth of experience and the depth of expertise.

How do I know that my application has been received?

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.


Graduate positions, internships & placements

Does Nous offer placements or internships?

Yes, for placement or internship vacancies see our current opportunities


To apply for an internship at Nous you need to be at least in your penultimate year.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept applications from applicants on a student visa.


If you have already previously accepted a graduate position elsewhere you will not be eligible for an internship at Nous.


What should I include in my internship application?

You should include your cover letter, resume, year 12 certificate and academic transcript.

In your cover letter you need to provide full details of intern requirements including available dates, hours, and timeframe. You should also include your preferred date to complete the internship as well as your graduation date.

How many intern and graduate position are available?

The number of roles available varies according to business needs, as well as quality of the applications received.

What degree discipline should I be studying to be eligible for the graduate or intern program at Nous?

We employ graduates from most disciplines. We look for students with strong academic records and who display the professional qualities needed to perform a graduate role at Nous.

Where are the intern and graduate opportunities available?

The majority of our positions are located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra with some recruitment in our other offices in Australia.

Does Nous offer a graduate rotation program?

We do not offer a formal rotation program instead at Nous you will work across different parts of a project in different practice areas and sectors.   

What responsibilities do graduates have?

See graduates

What responsibilities do interns have?

See interns.

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