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Roles at Nous


Our people work in teams that comprise one or more of the following roles:

  • Principal
  • Director
  • Senior consultant
  • Consultant.

We also offer internships, which are discussed in more detail here.

Greg Joffe

Greg Joffe


I work on projects that deliver positive impact for clients and broader stakeholders. This includes a focus on issues that require rigorous strategic analysis combined with a strong understanding of the people and information levers to deliver on the strategy.

Principals at Nous >

Tess van der Rijt

Tess van der Rijt

Senior consultant

I thrive on collaborative work with clients to develop lasting solutions that make a positive contribution, to both the client and society more broadly.

Senior consultants at Nous >

Catarina Piperidis

Catarina Piperidis


I enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems and developing insightful solutions that will make a real difference to society; and doing so alongside some of the brightest minds in Australia.

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