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What we do


What is management consulting at Nous?

The simple answer is that we help organisations find enduring solutions to complex problems.


We find things out
We analyse information, gather data, interview stakeholders and review material to identify key information.

We present new ideas
We prepare compelling client reports using strong logic, persuasive evidence and precise language to articulate outstanding business solutions.

We get things done
We manage complex projects and facilitate engaging workshops to deliver outstanding, influential and enduring business outcomes.

How we go about this is encapsulated in our client value proposition:                          

Bold ideas, Engaging people, Influential, enduring solutions.

What does this mean for you? We pride ourselves on the originality and intellectual quality of our work and the way we engage with our clients. Our value proposition is an expression of this and frames everything we do. We strive to consistently deliver according to the three core elements of:

Bold ideas

We work on important and complex projects that shape Australian businesses and society. Our clients include ASX100 companies, Australia’s largest government departments and not‑for‑profit organisations.

Junior consultants have an unrivalled opportunity to contribute to project ideas (i.e. our grads do not just conduct analysis or do research) and work alongside experienced colleagues with senior clients. Your ability to influence project outcomes is based on the merit and creativity of your ideas, not the time you’ve spent in the workforce.

Engaging people 

We work closely with our clients, often in mixed teams and sometimes for extended periods on site. Consequently, we look for engaging and well-rounded consultants who can build strong relationships and have a genuine passion for the business and social issues we work on.

Influential, enduring solutions

We seek smart people who are passionate about making a genuine positive difference and will think and work hard to achieve this.

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