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Michelle Hughes


I am passionate about facilitating availability of high quality health services to whoever may need them. I enjoy exploring new challenges in health, such as climate change and investigating the potential of new tools such as e-health solutions.

Michelle is passionate about evidence based practice and innovative solutions in health policy and services. She has worked with and within the health sector for over 15 years in multiple areas of the health spectrum including government, public services and private organisations. Michelle has a strong client focus and willingness to challenge accepted norms.

Project experience

Service planning

Undertook service planning for a regional health service in Victoria that provides acute, sub-acute, mental health and community health services for a catchment population of 110,000 people. Recommendations provided covered further consolidation of sub-regional, enhancements to the model of care and continued redevelopment of the hospital campus.

Service review

  • Undertook a service review to identify an optimal rehabilitation service delivery model and develop a change management strategy to implement the agreed model for service delivery. The service involved has gone forward to commence a change program based on the implementation framework, which will implement the approved recommendations with the collaboration of all stakeholders.
  • Engaged to review a health record and bring it into alignment with new best practice frameworks.


  • Developed a set of metrics to assess the effectiveness of services provided by a government department. This involved a thorough review of literature, best practice performance literature, and learnings from other jurisdictions both domestically and internationally. A best-practice inputs and outcomes framework was applied to develop a set of both quantitative and qualitative metrics for the Department which were based around the specific activities which the Department undertakes to ensure its outcomes are achieved.
  • Michelle was part of a team engaged to develop a comparative data set that would help identify and drive performance improvement opportunities for a specific area of health service delivery, including recommendations on a performance improvement framework and high level implementation roadmap. The engagement involved the identification, assessment and recommendation of performance indicators that were relevant to a broad range of stakeholders, and provided an implementation roadmap.


  • Review of the use of telemedicine – telemedicine has been in development across the world for a number of years and has held great promise for positively impacting health service delivery. The client was keen to better understand which elements of telemedicine had been implemented, why and to what effect. Finally, the client wanted to understand how they could improve the uptake of telemedicine. The project included a review of the use of telemedicine in the defined area, exploration of barriers and enablers and the creation of a framework to further implementation.
  • Health literacy review - Development of this report which included a thorough literature review, a review of options for enhancing health literacy, past actions taken in Australia to enhance consumers' health literacy, the impact of IT on the accessibility of health information (and the quality of that information), and recommendations around gaps, opportunities and

Thought leadership

  • Protecting human health and safety during extreme heat events: Michelle led a team who, working with the bureau of meteorology and an expert advisory panel explored definitions, impacts and current responses to extreme heat events. The report proposes a national framework to assist in reducing the impact of these events.
  • Michelle was part of the team that developed a piece of thought leadership focussing on the current state of workplace wellness in Australia and the ways in which approaches to workplace wellness can be optimised. The report describes the evolution of workplace wellness in Australia from the employer's perspective and discusses the issues and enablers for growth and sustainability.

Education / accreditation / board membership

  • BA Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne
  • Masters Health Law, University of Melbourne (ongoing)

Past employment

Michelle started her working life as a rehabilitation physiotherapist. Since then her employment has included a range of service improvement and redesign roles at both local and national levels in Australia and Scotland. Most recently Michelle was a Director at PwC.


Michelle has a lifelong passion for learning in her spare time she enjoys studying, reading, photography, art and spending time with her family.


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