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Implementation and rollout strategy for co-located health services


Service lines


  • Strategy and business planning


A public health agency engaged Nous to develop a schedule for the rollout of co-located services.

Critical to this project’s success was the development of agreed criteria to determine the order in the co-locations would commence delivery of services. These criteria were developed in consultation with stakeholders and ensured that lease expiry events, planned fit-outs and scheduled pilot of new services were taken into account while still prioritising sites based on equity of access for clients.

Nous consolidated and reconciled multiple sources of information from across agency’s department to provide a single ‘source of truth’ data set and then applied the agreed criteria. We delivered an innovative interactive tool to visualise the implementation schedule to aid in Ministerial briefings, to build staff awareness and to complement other change management activities being rolled out as part of the broader service delivery reform agenda.

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