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Digital transformation restores commercial stability and delivers customer value



  • Digital transformation


A large financial services organisation faced escalating costs and flat revenues. Nous worked in partnership with the organisation to develop and implement a new target operating model. This included a number of digitally enabled initiatives to cut costs while delivering a more compelling customer value proposition.

We delivered a solution focussed on high value and high volume

Nous worked with the client team through multiple transformation stages over a two year period. This work included the development and delivery of an IT-enabled business transformation stream of work. The organisation required fresh strategic thinking and needed to understand the possible impact of new digital and service automation capabilities.

Nous delivered a $2m positive NPV business case and roadmap with year-on-year payback in hard and realisable benefits. Initiatives focused on high value and high volume client transactions and the management information needed to improve performance.

The figure below illustrates how the investment streams combine to deliver three core capabilities and business value:

  1. improved decision making
  2. optimised supply of services
  3. enhanced customer experience.
The initiatives were specific, timetabled and budgeted. Nous subsequently led the delivery of the most complex IT-enabled initiatives: automation and outsourcing of client payments and outbound communications and an in-depth maturity assessment of the capabilities underpinning the client’s use of business intelligence (BI).

IT-enabled initiatives are on track to deliver forecast financial benefits

Internal efficiencies and measureable improvement to client experience include improved statements and a faster payments process. The client is also set to adopt Nous’s specific recommendations to build BI capabilities and a new business reporting architecture to guide the design and management of future business reporting.

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