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Lifting frontline managers from individual contributors to leaders


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  • Executive and talent performance development

A global mining company engaged Nous to build the capability of their local and international frontline leaders. The senior management team had identified that frontline mangers were not making the transition from individual contributor to leaders and this created inconsistencies in the leadership experienced by staff. Both senior and frontline leaders identified that there was a basic leadership skill gap, particularly in the area of giving feedback, having difficult conversations and developing others. 

We took a rapid approach to co-design a tailored solution, fast

Nous worked closely with the HR team to design an engaging and innovative experience for participants, informed by best practice. We facilitated a rapid design workshop upfront with a cross section of senior managers, front line managers and staff, to ensure that the program incorporated the organisation’s context and would meet its objectives. The finalised program design included:

  • a pre  and post 360 degree assessment to measure performance improvement
  • a three day capability building workshop
  • a monthly peer group coaching session to keep participants on track
  • a results day presentation for participant to report their achievements back to the business
  • a final coaching session to wrap the program up and encourage participants to commit to their ongoing development.

A senior leader from the organisation attended the workshop as a guest speaker each day to demonstrate how their personal leadership journey tied to the day’s theme. This component inspired participants to work on their own development journeys.

The program was successfully delivered to participants from around the world 

Nous delivered the program in Melbourne and Singapore with participants in attendance from Australia, America, London, Singapore and Malaysia. To date, we have received positive feedback from senior managers who have observed positive changes and have labelled the program as a ‘bright spot’ throughout the organisation. Participants consistently rated the program as excellent at achieving its objectives; several commented that it was the best leadership program they had attended. This feedback has also been supported in the coaching conversations, retest of the 360 degree assessment and results day presentations. Nous is currently rolling out further programs within the organisation.

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