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Emergency services


Emergency services

In recent decades, increasingly severe weather-related disasters and emergencies have emphasised the need for agencies to undertake more coordinated and better managed prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities. Emergency services management has moved beyond command and control. Clear information and direction, especially in advance, is required to save lives and property.

Disaster resilience is a shared responsibility for individuals, households, businesses, communities, and government at all levels. This creates a  greater need for consultation to build resilient communities and enduring partnerships.

We can help

Nous understands these contextual issues and has the experience and skills to work with emergency services organisations in:

  • Reviewing major incidents by clarifying root causes (rather than merely ascertaining symptoms) and providing a concise list of fully substantiated recommendations
  • Aligning structure, process, technology and people to set organisations up to better respond to incidents, leveraging our extensive experience in organisational capability and leadership development
  • More effectively engaging with communities in the development and deployment of disaster resilience strategies, with a focus on helping communities better understand and respond to threats.

Limiting the impacts of disasters and emergencies is an important and ongoing issue in Australia, so we have a specialised team of consultants with experience in this area.

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