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A flourishing environment underpins the Australian way-of-life and is critical to our economic prosperity. Our environment sustains us with clean water, fresh air and productive land and is the vehicle for a range of goods and services that drive our economy. But growing populations and a changing climate are increasing competition for environmental resources and putting pressure on our valuable natural capital.

We can help

Nous Group works with industry, governments and businesses who rely upon our environment to:

  • Deliver better programs, regulation and outcomes through innovatively designed policy and regulatory systems
  • Adapt their strategies and programs to thrive in spite of the changing environment, and overcome policy and regulatory challenges
  • Develop strong leaders who are attuned to our environment’s challenges
  • Improve outcomes by reviewing and refreshing governance, management and digital systems to mitigate risk and maximise efficiency.

Our people are experienced in helping organisations and agencies to address environmental challenges. Our experts include former senior public servants, who have a clear view of the regulatory complexities specific to this area.

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