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Governing is becoming harder all the time. Citizen expectations of information and service are high and rising; policy challenges are deeply complex and interrelated; budgets are tight; political cycles are quickening; and stakeholders expect a different relationship with funders and regulators.   

Public services around the country have responded to these challenges by promoting internal innovation, including in how they engage with stakeholders – seeking to identify efficiencies and invest in the capability of their systems and people. This is hard, particularly when the pressures of the ‘here and now’ are bearing down, or when employees are ‘reform-weary’.

Meanwhile, peak bodies and others outside government can also struggle with policy or regulatory complexity and may not have the resources to assemble evidence or present ideas in a compelling way.

We can help

Nous has a strong record of partnering successfully with government agencies around Australia, and with organisations involved in public policy development, to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Our work spans:

  • co-design processes to improve service delivery
  • strategic reviews of organisational roles, functions, capabilities, governance and performance
  • advice on digital enablement strategies
  • research, analysis and evaluation to support policy development or regulatory reform.

We bring expertise, an open engagement style and fresh perspectives to your reform challenges.

Many of our consultants are former senior officials who implicitly understand the challenges, opportunities and complexities of working in government. They are motivated by the opportunity to work on problems and with organisations that will delivery positive outcomes for society, economy and the environment.

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