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Health & ageing


Health & ageing

Healthcare systems are in the midst of profound change at every level. Shifting population health needs, heightened consumer expectations and rapidly advancing technology are increasing pressure on limited budgets. Advances in clinical care and innovations in service delivery are transforming the way we think about health and ageing. Yet in other areas, entrenched inequities and inefficiencies challenge our efforts to improve the health of disadvantaged community groups.

New, person-centred approaches to regulation, funding, planning and delivery are being introduced to realise greater value from health and ageing services. Change must not only improve outcomes, but deliver positive experiences and be efficient and sustainable.

We can help

Nous has experience working with a diverse range of public, private and not-for-profit health and ageing sector organisations, including:


  • Developing strategies and policies to respond to key health system challenges and reforms including the use of health analytics and technology
  • Reviewing and evaluating health and ageing policies, funding models, programs and agencies to identify opportunities for improved system effectiveness and efficiency
  • Enabling capability development and organisational transformation to equip government departments for new approaches to health system regulation.

Hospitals and diagnostic services

  • Developing organisational strategies and service plans to enable sustainable service growth
  • Conducting service planning and developing operating models that meet consumer and patient needs
  • Analysing and improving operations to enhance consumer and patient experience, service quality and financial performance.

Primary care

  • Designing new service models that enable providers and health professionals to deliver integrated care
  • Developing and implementing strategies to equip organisations for success in service commissioning
  • Facilitating the development of alliances, partnerships and mergers between primary care organisations to improve service delivery and sustainability.

Mental health services

  • Designing and evaluating innovative approaches to community-based mental health services, early intervention and mental health promotion
  • Analysing international best practices in mental health services to identify opportunities for system reform
  • Developing new frameworks to measure service performance and facilitate continuous improvement.

Aged care services

  • Strategy development to achieve growth in a competitive and rapidly changing provider environment
  • Change management and organisational transformation to enable aged care services to achieve success in consumer-directed care
  • Benchmarking support services to achieve improved customer service and cost efficiencies.

Medical technology and pharmaceuticals

  • Developing strategic and adaptive leadership skills to prepare managers for major organisational and industry change
  • Developing strategies to engage effectively with patients and health care professionals
  • Analysing markets and regulatory environments to identify opportunities for business growth or diversification.

Research and education

  • Planning the development and operation of integrated teaching, research and clinical services
  • Designing and reviewing governance, management and networked structures to drive high performance
  • Reviewing education and training programs to improve health and ageing workforce development.

Our clients value our ability to engage effectively with boards, executives, policy makers, clinicians, researchers and educators to develop new and innovative solutions. Our strategy and evidence-based approach complements a strong knowledge of the policy environment and practical experience of ‘what works’.

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