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Human services


Human services

While human services face continued and increasing demands, many opportunities exist for modernising the delivery and receipt of these services. All the right imperatives to achieve genuine improvement on the current state of affairs are in place. That is, a more informed and empowered citizenry better able to exercise choice and responsibility, and a public sector committed to transparency and open to more personalised service delivery and other service innovations.

To make a positive and enduring difference, we need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • What strategies ensure the best use of resources, delivered at various points in life, and minimise more costly and interventionist approaches?
  • How can governments and the non-profit sector partner more effectively in the design and delivery of human services?
  • How can the Commonwealth Government and states improve efficiency and reduce duplication without a failure to provide services to those who most require them?
  • What is the best strategy for workforce recruitment, retention and deployment in a decreasing pool of skilled people?

We work with governments and community organisations to effectively deliver services that make a positive difference for the disadvantaged and vulnerable citizens in our community.

We make complex problems navigable. Nous’ human services team brings a distinctive blend of consulting expertise and deep experience across federal, state and local government, private and non-profit organisations. We have worked with policy-makers, service deliverers, management boards, regulators, insurers and those focussed on building and maintaining the necessary skills in the sector. 

The clients we work with value our expertise in governance and organisational issues as much as in the strategy and public policy dilemmas that affect all who work in this most publicly exposed sector. We combine a desire to work with our clients on innovative approaches with a respect for a sound evidence base to support any recommendations. 

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