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Australia has some of the largest and most sophisticated water supply mechanisms and systems in the world. Our harsh climate presents significant and ongoing challenges in ensuring the security and supply of water. Growing populations, a changing climate and ageing infrastructure add further pressure and complexity to water management.

We can help

Nous Group has experience in partnering with governments, bulk water suppliers and customer service agencies to:

  • Create and review strategy and programs to adapt to emerging policy and regulatory challenges, and changing community expectations
  • Build governance and management systems that manage risk and improve outcomes
  • Map and enable transformation (including digital) initiatives amidst industry, policy or environmental changes
  • Develop and engage with leaders who are attuned to the water sector’s unique challenges and needs
  • Design sophisticated policy and regulatory systems that respond to the challenges facing the industry.

Water is the engine of our rural economy and is vital to our way of life. Nous is committed to helping fine tune the operating environment to ensure that water supply and management support future growth and opportunity.

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