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Public policy


Public policy

Public policy impacts the lives of every Australian. Through effective public policy government can drive positive change and improved outcomes for every citizen.

Nous combines deep knowledge of policy-making and the government context to assist in the development of effective responses to policy questions. Many of our consultants have held senior roles in government, so they implicitly understand how to navigate clients’ stakeholder environment and how to develop and present advice that offers both immediate and longer-term value.

What we do

Policy reform

We scope out options for major reform agendas, and delve deeply into an issue to identify and assess alternative responses to policy challenges.

Policy development

We undertake intensive research, analysis and/or stakeholder engagement to develop the detail of policy design or propose improvements to existing approaches.


We partner with government policy and regulatory business units to advise on regulatory impact, regulatory design and contemporary approaches to enforcement.

Review and evaluation

We use robust quantitative and qualitative analysis, grounded in proven evaluation methodologies, to produce well-evidenced findings and practical recommendations.

Our unique approach

Nous is the authority in providing compelling, innovative and well-targeted public policy advice to government.

We partner closely with you to understand the problem or question at hand, and the context in which our advice will be used. We work in an efficient but sophisticated way to deliver a product that meets your needs and represents your stakeholder interests fairly. Our approach is backed by our deep analytical skills and direct experience of working with the complexities and subtleties of government policy, regulation and service delivery.

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