Community Contribution Fund

Nous actively contributes to the work of charitable and community organisations through our Community Contribution Fund (CCF). Through the CCF, Nous partners with not-for-profit organisations to deliver discounted consulting projects that they otherwise could not afford.

In the last five years, the CCF has partnered with over 45 organisations that aim to deliver lasting positive change. Over this period, Nous together with partner organisations have delivered consulting projects with a market value of approximately $2.7m.

The CCF accepts applications year-round. Each application is assessed against three criteria:

  1. Positive influeunce: will the project achieve a meaningful impact in areas that will improve society’s wellbeing?
  2. Build our capability: will the project add to Nous’ sector experience?
  3. Client commitment: is the applicant prepared to make a financial contribution, as per our experience that such projects are more successful?

Community Partnership Scheme

Alongside the CCF, Nous invites eligible organisation to participate in its Community Partnership Scheme. Each year, we choose a ‘theme’ for the Scheme, and invite applications for projects in support of that theme. In 2016 the Scheme sought applications for projects that enable disadvantaged and marginalised Australians to participate more fully in their community and society.

To express interest in the 2017 Scheme, email [email protected].