Community Partnership Scheme

Discounted and pro-bono consulting services for the community

Nous actively contributes to the work of not-for-profit (NFP) and community organisations through our Community Partnership Scheme. Through this scheme, we deliver discounted consulting services to organisations that otherwise may not have access to such opportunities.

Over the years Nous has partnered with over 100 organisations through our Community Partnership Scheme. We have provided consulting services and advice to the value of approximately $4.7 million on more than 110 projects that aimed to deliver lasting positive change.

Partners in positive influence

The Community Partnership Scheme operates through a partnership approach. Nous asks organisations to co-contribute financially, between 25% and 75% of the total market value of projects that are funded through the scheme. This approach helps establish a long-term commitment to the project and ensure outcomes are sustained beyond the project timeline.

The Community Partnership Scheme 2019 Round – Applications now open!

As part of the Community Partnership Scheme, Nous runs an application round each year to assist eligible organisations to deliver influential projects.

This year, we seek applications for consulting projects that help organisations better meet the needs of their customers in contributing to positive economic, social, environmental, and/or cultural outcomes in Australia.

In the 2019 round, Nous will contribute up to $50,000 worth of services to any one organisation for a consulting project with the requirement that successful applicants co-contribute between 25% and 75% of the total value of the project. Applicants must co-contribute a minimum of $10,000 to the project. This co-contribution cannot be an in-kind contribution and must be a financial commitment. 

In addition to the other great CPS support Nous provides, in total, Nous will commit approximately $200,000 in consulting services to projects in the 2019 Grants Round, excluding the co-contribution from applicants.

How to apply

More information about the scheme and a link to the application form is available on the Community Partnership Scheme 2019 Round page.

For any queries relating to the 2019 round of the Nous Community Partnership Scheme, please email [email protected].