Community Partnership Scheme

Discounted and pro-bono consulting services for the community

Nous actively contributes to the work of not-for-profit and community organisations through our Community Partnership Scheme. Through this scheme, we deliver discounted and pro-bono consulting services to organisations that otherwise may not have access to such opportunities.

Over the last decade Nous has partnered with over 150 organisations through our Community Partnership Scheme. We have donated over $3 million consulting services and advice, on more than 170 projects that aimed to deliver lasting positive change.

Partners in positive influence

The Community Partnership Scheme operates through a partnership approach. Nous asks organisations to co-contribute between 25% and 75% of the total monetary value of projects that are funded through the scheme. This approach helps establish a long-term commitment to the project and ensure outcomes are sustained beyond the project timeline.

The Community Partnership Scheme 2017 Round

In 2017 we received record interest in our Community Partnership Scheme, with over 100 organisations submitting applications to partner on projects with Nous. Following the shortlisting and interview process we engaged with 25 organisations to deliver projects aimed at building the capability of not-for-profit organisations to contribute the social, cultural, economic and environmental benefit of their community/Australia.

Find out more about some of projects that we have undertaken so far.

Applications will open soon for the 2018 Round

Keep your eye on this page or Nous’ social media channels to find out when the next Round of applications will open.

For further information or to express interest in applying for the Scheme please email [email protected].