Nous is committed to continually evolving our business to deliver more value to our clients. Here are some of our recent innovations:

Nous Venture Service

In this age of digital innovation, emerging technologies and business models are creating new products and services that are transforming and in some cases disrupting industries.

Nous Venture Service exists to accelerate new ideas and bring them to reality. We assist with design and assessing the market opportunity; prototyping and commercial pilots; business cases and funding; and bringing your idea to life at scale. Get in touch to learn more.


Loop is an online application designed to enable the simple exchange of continuous, real-time feedback, whether in the office, at school or on the sporting field.

Loop puts individuals at the heart of their development, creating a safe space for busy people to set their performance objectives and to receive feedback from those who know them best. Learn more

Not-for-profit Toolkit

Nous has extensive experience working with not-for-profits (NFPs) to support the delivery of services to Australia’s most vulnerable citizens.

The Not-for-profit Toolkit was designed to share insight, information and approaches from Nous’ experience in NFP Mergers, Benchmarking and Shared Services management. Learn more