Expert partners for UK government futures planning

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Expert partners for UK government futures planning

The UK government has launched the Futures Framework to support strategic and long-term thinking within government departments and agencies. Nous is proud to have been selected to offer this critical support.

For over 20 years Nous has worked extensively for federal and state governments across Australia. Our expert consultants have worked with ministerial departments, regulators and arm’s length bodies. Our London team can draw upon former leaders in the UK and Australian civil service, leading strategists, economists and policy experts.

We help policy makers look beyond the first horizon to gain foresight into potentially subtle but impactful changes in the policy environment. Nous offers both an innovative approach to Futures work and reliable down-to-earth advice. We have skills and a strong track record in public policy work, business and digital strategy and human-centred design thinking. Our recommendations are grounded in evidence, compelling logic and are communicated persuasively.

What our clients say:

“Nous delivered a high quality product for us. They assisted with determining the scope, stakeholder groups and helped to drive the project, something very rare in consultants. They also created a very good rapport with the team,” Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian government.

“The quality of output and conduct [of Nous’ consultants] were to an exceptional standard. Because of this it was a pleasure to work with Nous,” Courts Services Victoria, Australia.

We can help you by working for you, working with you and building your team’s capability for long-term success. Get in touch to find out how or view our prospectus.