Amy Russ

Amy Russ

Senior Consultant

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Amy has experience across science, technology, business and the law. She started her career in neuroscience, researching neural networks, before undertaking a law degree at the University of Sydney. Keen to explore ideas and undertake everyday experimentation, she joined a fintech start-up, VentureCrowd, where her role in a small operations team involved business development, tech, user experience/user interface, marketing, investment analysis and investor relations.

Influential work

  • Reviewed operational and financial processes of an Australian Financial Review 2018 Fast Starters start-up, instigating an upfront invoicing process that reduced the risk of outstanding invoices
  • Developed a new business unit supporting syndicated investment in early-stage start-ups, establishing a third revenue stream for the company
  • Instituted a customer relationship management tool to support deal origination and due diligence processes, resulting in fourfold growth of a deal pipeline
  • Investigated a client onboarding process, identifying multiple bottlenecks and reducing the median signup time from two weeks to five business days, leading to completed investor registrations increasing from 13 per cent to 20 per cent
  • Researched neural cancer pathways in an honours thesis, discovering a positive correlation between neural cell maintenance systems and cell resilience to traumatic injury.

Outside of Nous

Amy started her career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics after completing studies in neuroscience. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Otago and honours from the University of Melbourne. Her research included traumatic brain injury, neural development and Alzheimer’s onset.

She has since worked with start-ups, learning how to build and grow companies. Amy joined VentureCrowd, one of Australia’s first equity crowdfunding start-ups. She created an investor syndicate platform that streamlined aggregation of investments, a tool that was sought by founders, angel groups and family offices. Amy has also completed her Juris Doctorate at the University of Sydney.

In her spare time...

Amy enjoys roaming the outdoors, including multi-day hikes and trail running. She also creates python programs for herself and volunteers with the Girls Programming Network.