Austin Van Groningen

Austin Van Groningen

Senior Consultant

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Austin has over five years’ experience in the tertiary education and not-for-profit sectors. He brings energy, analytical rigour and thoughtful communication to his work, and is equally comfortable working with people and with data. Austin’s professional experience working with universities and not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) has given him a deep understanding of how to identify and implement performance improvements in complex organisations with a range of stakeholders and with important social missions to fulfil.

Influential work

  • Planned a data-driven, three-year, $8M fundraising campaign ($9.6M achieved)
  • Led development of a fundraising and alumni engagement strategy for a university expanding into an overseas market
  • Identified and implemented cost-saving and measures and an investment plan at a university, providing a small faculty with a nearly $100,000 annual windfall, some of which was invested into a newly-designed event yielding over $100,000 profit
  • Developed a standardised process for academics to record and present their research projects for funding at a major Australian university
  • Overhauled a university’s scholarships application and selection process, designing a single conditional logic form for students.

Outside of Nous

Austin has a passion for education and five years’ experience in the higher education and not-for profit sectors. Prior to joining Nous, Austin worked with the University of Melbourne to raise philanthropic funds as part of the $1B Believe campaign. Relocating to Canberra in mid-2019, he worked in policy and data analysis for the Australian Technology Network of Universities.

Austin is a director at Red Dust Role Models, an Indigenous health promotion NFP working with communities to strengthen the future of Indigenous youth and families. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne.

In his spare time...

Austin loves the mountains, the beach and the desert, but also appreciates a good board game and has never outgrown his childhood fascination with Lego.