Murphy Wright

Murphy Wright


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Murphy is a consultant in Nous’ Perth office with recent experience working across government departments in matters of human services, health, education and emergency services. Murphy is known for her effective communication skills and her collaborative approach to problem solving. She has extensive experience in community engagement and a strong ability to understand and engage effectively with stakeholders in sensitive environments.

Influential work

  • Supported the WA Department of Education with the co-design and delivery of an Aspirant Aboriginal Leaders Program aimed at improving equity and diversity and increasing the number of Aboriginal people in leadership positions
  • Undertook complex consultations with a broad range of stakeholders, including government and service providers, community groups, local stakeholders and at-risk young people to develop a youth engagement strategy for the Fitzroy Valley
  • Supported the evaluation of the Northern Territory Department of Health’s 2010-2020 Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy.
  • Helped a large WA university undergo a large organisational transformation project, involving extensive co-design with academic and professional staff to improve critical business processes
  • Undertook a Post Incident Review of Tropical Cyclone Veronica for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, identifying key lessons learned and recommendations for future cyclone preparedness, response and recovery.

Outside of Nous

Murphy has previously worked in education, retail and hospitality industries. She spent two years travelling through Europe, Asia and America after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in 2016.

In her spare time...

Murphy enjoys travelling, going to the beach, cooking and napping.