Nouser spotlight

Meet Hannah Croston…

Hannah is a consultant in Nous’ Sydney office. She works across Nous’ Organisational Performance and Leadership & Talent capabilities and is passionate about helping organisations lift their performance through a focus on people and culture. She works on projects relating to culture change, organisational development, leadership development and change management across a diverse range of industries including financial services, FMCG, health and government.

Before joining Nous, Hannah was undertaking her Masters in Human Resource Management at the University of Sydney. During this time Hannah interned at Nous, worked in a Big Four consulting firm, and worked in the HR department of a construction management company. She then spent time overseas before beginning her career as a graduate consultant in February 2018.

Three things that surprised Hannah about joining Nous

  1. I never have two identical work days. This may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. I knew that consulting would provide me with the variety of work I craved but I didn’t realise just how much. In one week I could go from developing an insights pack for a financial services client, to launching the organisational development strategy for a client in the healthcare sector, to working in a warehouse trialing change with a client in the FMCG sector. Nous is the sort of place that has allowed me to rapidly try out different industries and types of projects.
  2. I get tons of responsibility. Within my first few weeks I had facilitated a workshop for senior managers, been involved in client meetings and even managed a small project. I never expected to have this much exposure at this stage in my career. Nous’ flat hierarchy also means that you get a lot more responsibility and a level of trust that I haven’t seen in other organisations.
  3. I do work that matters. I get the opportunity to work on projects that have a positive impact and improve the experiences for employees, customers and citizens. And this doesn’t just mean doing work for non-profits and public-sector clients. This ranges from improving the culture of an organisation focused on improving cancer outcomes for all Australians, to partnering with a financial services organisation to create better customer experiences, to re-designing the domestic violence system in Australia. It is refreshing to work with others who share this passion.