Nouser spotlight

Meet Cameron McBroom…

Cameron is a consultant in Nous’ Melbourne office. He works across business strategy, organisational performance and leadership, and public policy. Cameron has worked for private and public clients across a diverse range of industries, including education, finance, justice and health.

Before joining Nous, Cameron was studying a bachelor of commerce at the University of Melbourne. He was a councillor in the University of Melbourne Student Union Council and the president of Murrup Barak’s Student Advisory Council. He is a Wongai Yamatji man from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and was fortunate enough to grow up on his traditional homelands, Wongatha country. A native English speaker, he is currently learning Wongatha along with Swedish and Spanish.

5 facts about Cameron

  1. Last year I travelled to Singapore as part of a Global Management Consulting unit at the University of Melbourne, where I worked with a SME to deliver a market analysis. It introduced me to the world of management consulting and was a great experience in understanding the unique constraints that Singapore faces as an island city-state.
  2. I have lived in Australia, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and Thailand and am very interested in how language and culture shape the way people think and behave. I’ve managed to pick up ‘survival’ level knowledge of quite a few languages, which comes in handy at random times!
  3. I partially completed my university degree at Lund University in Sweden. It was an amazing experience and I even managed to pick up the Swedish language when I was there. While Sweden is very progressive relative to other Western countries, I was surprised to learn about their treatment of Sami people (Indigenous people from areas now occupied by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia), who share a similar colonial history to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.
  4. I was drawn to Nous because they are a values-based company that strives to achieve positive influence. This means they are conscious of the impact that they deliver for clients and the community. The people and the culture also drew me to Nous. Everyone is incredibly intelligent, compassionate, fun and there is a high level of trust, which allows you to have a level of freedom I haven’t seen at other organisations.
  5. I started up the ‘Noubie Club’ at Nous to help new people transition into their new workplace. The Noubie Club supplements the already established buddy system at Nous and encourages Nousers to share their knowledge, provide general advice and establish another layer of support with each other. This has been especially beneficial for those that have been new to consulting and not used to the self-managed workplace that we have at Nous.