Designing the future operating model for RMS

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Designing the future operating model for RMS

The project led by Nous enabled us to design and implement a major organisational restructure in a timely way that has positively reset how RMS operates going forwards. The new operating model represents a significant shift in our way of working and enhances our ability to meet the needs of our customers and deliver value to the people of NSW.
Ken Kanofski CEO, RMS

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is a New South Wales (NSW) Government agency that supports the road and maritime networks.

A new operating model to improve customer focus and accountability

RMS wished to refresh its operating model to maximise its value to the citizens of NSW, better align with the transport cluster, and improve accountability and customer focus. Nous assisted RMS to develop the design of a new organisational structure, business processes, governance arrangements and interfaces with key transport agencies.

We engaged extensively with leaders throughout the process

Nous worked closely with an RMS team on-site to ensure that our work effectively integrated with the broader implementation program. Throughout the process, we worked with senior leaders from across the organisation and supported them to effectively engage with their own people and other key stakeholders on the changes to the operating model.

The project involved four distinct phases:

  1. current state analysis
    • analysing RMS’ operating model
    • analysing human resources and financial data and consulting extensively with stakeholders
  1. detailed design of future operating model
    • developing principles to assess operating model options
    • developing the new operating model components: organisation design, governance, processes and interfaces with other parts of the transport cluster
    • supporting senior leaders to engage with their teams and other key stakeholders.
  1. implementation planning
  2. implementation program management
    • working with business leads to implement all elements of the new org structure
    • developing communications for staff to ensure understanding and support of the change.

RMS is implementing the new model to realise performance benefits

Nous developed a clear organisational structure aligned to the high level operating model, supported by effective business processes and governance arrangements. The key interfaces with other Transport agencies were identified and new approaches agreed for those that were not working as well as needed.

RMS provided feedback that they were impressed by Nous’ collaborative approach and the quality of the engagement with staff and with the broader transport cluster. The new organisation model, committees, and processes were successfully implemented.

What other organisations can learn:

  • Quickly identify the key design issues for the operating model and prioritise resolving those issues.
  • Lock in a baseline date for organisation structure, FTE and $, against which all changes are reflected.
  • Gain the support of senior leaders early to lead the change process.
  • Educate leaders with content and approaches to effectively communicate the changes to their teams.

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