Digital innovation in healthcare – you have to start somewhere…

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Digital innovation in healthcare – you have to start somewhere…

Technology is evolving rapidly to deliver both high and low cost solutions. The majority of these promise to generate efficiencies and improved outcomes and patient experiences.

In the context of budgetary pressures, government and healthcare organisations must consider carefully what technology to purchase. This is particularly the case as many technologies require extra initial funding to get them established and support uptake.

While due diligence is essential, health care organisations should not avoid making a decision about technology for fear of not making an ideal/perfect choice: there is too much to be gained. It has been our experience that the ‘messy’ evolution of a digital system will typically deliver better outcomes than taking too long to design the perfect system.

Digital technology provides a number of significant benefits

Digital innovation in healthcare

What is required to ensure a successful adoption of digital innovation?

Before deciding whether or not your organisation should undertake a digital transformation through the introduction of new technology, consider if the following enablers are in place to support a successful transformation:

  • Technology and information are viewed as mechanisms to solve problems rather than being the solutions themselves
  • The introduction of new technology is being treated as a change management exercise, requiring strong leadership; a culture of transparency, trust, flexibility and innovation; and mechanisms to encourage uptake of the new technology
  • The design of the digital transformation is user/patient-centred and clinician-led, with early engagement of clinicians being particularly important
  • There are appropriate governance structures in place that enable implementation, provide support, monitor use, drive innovation and facilitate the sharing of learnings
  • The new technology is fit-for-purpose, reliable, easy to use, quick to access, and cost effective
  • You have adequate infrastructure, related systems that are interoperable and open standard, and administrative and technical support in place
  • There are partnerships between stakeholders at all levels, particularly the local level, that support integrated technology driven models of care
  • Providers will receive reasonable payment for delivering healthcare through technology
  • Legislation, policies and guidelines are designed to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology.

Governments and healthcare organisations have the opportunity to harness the power on offer through data, analytics and technology.

How sure are you of your organisation’s appetite for digital innovation and its preparedness to act on it? Nous can assist your organisation to make the most of this potential, including at a strategic level and by supporting change management efforts.