Online toolkit supports NFPs to merge successfully

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Online toolkit supports NFPs to merge successfully

More than a third of not‑for‑profit organisations (NFPs) have considered a merger as a means to improve efficiency and broaden the range of services to existing service users.

Most NFP leaders, however, are not equipped to tackle the many and varied challenges of the merger journey. Recognising a merger opportunity and preparedness to act on that opportunity are different propositions. Leaders are faced with many complex questions: How will we approach the first conversation with a potential partner? How do we establish the ground rules for negotiation if there is a power imbalance? Our staff have different levels of experience and expertise – what are the implications for implementation of a merger?

Nous Group in partnership with Whitelion has launched a new online resource that addresses these questions: This merger toolkit guides NFPs through the process of successful merger. It focuses users on the ‘how’ of merging, rather than the ‘what’. It contains more description, fewer checklists; more people and culture, less technical specification’; more real lived experience and less management speak.

The toolkit is also a platform for users to engage with the content by leaving comments or asking questions. Users also have the option to easily share content relevant to their specific needs, so they can bring their colleagues on the journey with them.