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Anthony Bubalo


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Anthony joins Nous as a principal working primarily in public policy consulting with a focus on the defence and security sector. He has extensive government and non-government experience; including as an analyst, thought leader and senior executive in Australia’s pre-eminent institute for international affairs, the Lowy Institute. Skilled in strategic analysis of some of the world’s most complex problems, Anthony offers original insights couched in a deep understanding of both government policy-making and business drivers.

Influential work


  • Helped build the Lowy Institute into one of the world’s leading international affairs think tanks, eventually becoming the Institute’s deputy director and overseeing all of its research
  • Published cutting-edge research on Middle Eastern politics, terrorism and other global issues; and became a widely-respected and sought-after commentator in the Australian and international media
  • Managed high-level second-track bilateral dialogues between Australia and the United Arab Emirates, France and the United Kingdom; bringing together thought-leaders, business leaders and officials
  • Oversaw multi-year research projects with Australian Government departments on issues such as migration and terrorism, and became a trusted interlocutor with senior Australian policymakers on Middle Eastern and counter-terrorism policy
  • Ran the secretariat for an Australian whole-of-government task force, wrote speeches for Australia’s foreign and trade ministers, worked in the intelligence community and was a diplomat in the Middle East.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Anthony was a founding member the Lowy Institute’s staff, and helped build it into one of world’s leading international affairs think tanks. He went on to become the Institute’s research director and deputy director and is a respected commentator on Middle Eastern politics and global affairs in the Australian and international media.

Anthony was also an officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for 14 years. During that time, he served as a diplomat in Saudi Arabia and Israel; an analyst with Australia’s peak analytical intelligence organisation, the Office of National Assessments; and was speechwriter to Australia’s foreign and trade ministers.

In his spare time...

Anthony enjoys cooking, eating, football and motorcycling.