Cheryl Koh

Cheryl Koh


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Cheryl is a strategy consultant with expertise in child and family services and data analytics. She has knowledge of analytical tools and programming languages including: R, SQL,HTML/CSS, Tableau, PowerBI, MS Excel, Azure Data Factory. Cheryl has a deep understanding of the methods required for rigorous quantitative and qualitative research and the creative drive to deliver innovative solutions. Her current interests include the role of public policy in the future of work, ethical issues in data analytics and the relationship between humans and machines.

Influential work

  • Developed a digital workplace study and strategy for an entire government; including extensive consultations with end users, technology experts and business executives
  • Developed interactive dashboards using PowerBI and Tableau to assist employment service providers and an early childhood service providers with business planning
  • Advised a state government department’s board on the current state of the child protection system with a focus on improving allocation rates through rigorously analysing longitudinal datasets
  • Reviewed a ten-year indigenous education policy and a four-year higher education equity program, including through developing in-depth case studies and analysing longitudinal datasets.

Outside of Nous

Cheryl volunteered as a consultant with the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative throughout university, partnering with Cambodian non-government organisations on economic development projects. She has also interned at the Reserve Bank of Australia and at the office of a federal member of parliament.

Prior to joining Nous, Cheryl worked at an economics and policy consulting firm, where she developed an interest in economic modelling and impact analysis.

Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Melbourne. Her honours thesis was on Kant’s moral philosophy.

In her spare time...

Cheryl loves rowing and all the sunrises that come with it. She is most at home in the great outdoors and with a camera in hand.