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Daye is a thoughtful and creative thinker who has been recognised for her dedication to solving complex problems. She is interested in influencing government and business for the benefit of vulnerable people. She has worked across the world on human rights issues and is currently studying a PhD on restorative justice for survivors of sexual and family violence. At Nous, Daye has worked primarily in law reform, regulation, and education.

Influential work

  • Worked with DPC to review and evaluate legislative provisions relating to information sharing for child safety and welfare, then build a model for a new legislative regime
  • Assisted in the review of a statutory board of a regulator to inform perspectives on the need for changes to board structure to better support the activities of the regulator
  • Assisted in the review of a specialist education program to make recommendations on more effective service provision in more appropriate areas
  • Designed a methodology for reviewing legal professional education to train better junior lawyers using a combination of documentary review and qualitative analysis
  • Reviewed trends in an industry to advise a state insurer about current and future regulatory risks.

Outside of Nous

Daye is involved with a non-government organisation based in South Korea working on accountability strategy and social policy for victims of North Korean human rights violations. She was formerly a legal associate at the Family Court of Australia.

Daye holds a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University. She is a current PhD candidate at the Michael Kirby Centre for Public Health and Human Rights and her topic is community-based restorative justice for survivors of sexual and family violence.

In her spare time...

Daye enjoys brunch with friends, volunteering for social justice causes and knitting sweaters for her family members.