Jennifer Beattie

Jennifer Beattie


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Jennifer has a diverse background with experience in research, education, leadership development, service delivery and regulatory frameworks. She is sought after to lead complex reforms, particularly those requiring extensive stakeholder engagement; and is known for her pragmatic approach to ensuring that regulation is appropriate and applicable. Jennifer has held various roles in federal government and in the tertiary sector.

Influential work

  • Led the design and delivery of an accountability framework for a large Australian Government department; including articulation of responsibility for emergency management, a layered approach to assurance and a comprehensive education and training strategy
  • Led the roll-out of a significant cultural reform program for a division within a Australian Government department that has sites across Australia
  • Participated in a review of service delivery arrangements in a large Australian Government department, subsequently designing an approved integrated service delivery model and implementation approach to achieve significant cultural reform
  • Successfully negotiated and transitioned entities within a Australian Government department from a service delivery contract model to a governance framework
  • Negotiated a revised leadership development strategy for a large Australian Government department and successfully implemented the approach.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Jennifer worked in a variety of roles in the Australian Government. She has experience in both governance and strategic reform. Prior to this she held administrative and teaching roles at the Australian National University.

Jennifer has a PhD in Sociology and a Bachelor of Arts (sociology and political science) from the Australian National University and a Master of Criminal Justice from Monash University.

In her spare time...

Jennifer enjoys experiencing new food ventures with family and friends, embarking on do-it-yourself projects around the house and camping with her family. She also enjoys science fiction and spy novels.