Karl de Menezes

Karl de Menezes


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Karl is a recent graduate of the University of Bristol, where he studied a Master of Mechanical Engineering. At university he studied a range of modules from statistics and engineering mathematics to professional engineering and worked on multiple industrial research projects. His latest project involved optimising an X-ray scanner, for which he received the Bechtel Prize for his contribution to the project.

Outside of Nous

Karl worked as a researcher at the University of Bristol, where he designed mechanical fixings for industrial use. Additionally, he has worked as ground staff at both Heathrow and Gatwick airports, assisting aircraft maintenance and baggage handling crews. He was also the University of Bristol Windsurfing Society’s Outreach Officer and the Muscle and Athletics Sports Society’s Treasurer.

Karl holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol.

In his spare time...

Karl enjoys live music, especially small gigs with friends, and has recently taken up tennis as a new hobby. He also likes keeping up-to-date with UK politics.