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Krysta Trevis


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Krysta is a cognitive neuroscientist and health researcher who uses strong quantitative and qualitative analytics to deliver evidence-based insights. Her experience includes a broad range of health and psychological research, event management, and positions in higher education and community services. Her publications in top-tier peer-reviewed journals recognise her robust approach to research and expertise spanning behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, chronic and neurological health, and psychosocial impacts. She is an engaging communicator with a curious mind and practical outlook.

Influential work

  • Conceptualised a new model of how cognitive and emotional regulation impact chronic health, now in use by clinicians and contributing to other research programs
  • Conducted a high-level evaluation of the role of psychology in chronic tinnitus, providing evidence-based insights for future clinical and research work
  • Designed and delivered the largest survey to date in response to the needs of the sound sensitivity community reaching over 3000 individuals world-wide to characterise these health conditions and their impact
  • Led the integration of technology and social media with a family conference for the genetic epilepsy community to bring together inter-state and overseas families
  • Coordinated a multi-site gene discovery project in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and characterised milder traits of Autism.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Krysta worked as a researcher in the health and medical research field, working on projects in Australia and New Zealand that ranged from gene discovery in ASD to the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. She continues to contribute to the health science field, particularly building on her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) research on mechanisms underpinning sound sensitivity and chronic tinnitus. Krysta served on the Research and Research Training Committee for the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at The University of Melbourne and led postgraduate student groups during her studies. She is passionate about science communication and has been involved in managing international and community conferences, tutoring, mentoring and lecturing.

In her spare time...

Krysta can be found watching sport, cooking up a storm or getting creative with her sewing machine (unless distracted by a good book!).