Nic Dillon

Nic Dillon

Senior Consultant

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Nic combines strategic insight with awareness of practical and ethical benefits of different modes of data collection along with their risks. He draws on his background in law and social sciences to frame the most viable solutions within given contexts. He has previously worked for and with government and community organisations to make the most of their information channels to drive performance while respecting their customers and clients.

Influential work

  • Managed strategic clinical services planning for a major tertiary pediatric hospital to understand, through stakeholder interviews and quantitative data analysis, the nature of ongoing service demand to enable ten-year planning
  • Developed a data standard to evaluate the absolute and comparative performance of government-funded organisations that provide legal services to disenfranchised groups
  • Reviewed the functions and performance of three government agencies to identify opportunities for more effective, efficient, and strategically-aligned service delivery
  • Worked with a major national organisation to understand how to transition to a new workforce profile following a substantial digital transformation
  • Managed the review of a nationwide program with 80% national engagement to understand how to roll out similar programs more effectively and bring its best elements into business-as-usual operations.

Outside of Nous

Nic is currently completing a Master of Philosophy (socio-legal research) at the University of Oxford. He also holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the Australian National University and was enrolled as an Australia Lawyer at the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory.

In his spare time...

Nic loves exploring: whether it’s a new day hike, the next big exhibition or a new menu, he wants to discover more.