Nick Parkinson

Nick Parkinson


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Nick is a Consultant with extensive experience in public policy and education. He is a deep analytic thinker and has delivered insightful, rigorous advice in the public, private and non-for-profit sectors. He combines strong qualitative and quantitative skills with clear-spoken and written communication. He is a practised facilitator with a passion for innovative methods of online engagement.

Influential work

  • Designed and supported a series of high-profile national roundtables on tackling school staff abuse, attended by over 200 stakeholders
  • Evaluated a bushfire clean-up program, creating a model to estimate – in financial terms – the impact of regulatory requirements on the program’s cost effectiveness, informing strategic plans for future clean-up programs
  • Evaluated a ten-year policy intervention to improve workplace safety using a mixed-methods approach; reviewing over 130 documents, running stakeholder interviews and analysing millions of rows of data top demonstrate the intervention’s improvements to health and safety outcomes.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Nick ran student experiences projects for the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne. He has extensive experience in education, having taught in Victorian schools, at St. Mary’s College and overseas with the Spanish Government. His interest in education led him to volunteer with the Victorian Olympic Council’s Education Committee, the Victorian Certificate of Education Summer School; and as Education Officer for the University of Melbourne Arts Students’ Society. He has also interned with the Grattan Institute and the Victorian Parliament. Nick currently mentors LGBTQIA+ people with Out for Australia.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Arts (with majors in Spanish, politics and international studies) and a Diploma of Languages (Arabic). His writing has been published in Farrago, Above Water and Inkspot.

In his spare time...

Nick is an avid runner and attempting to overcome his aversion to deep water and cold through ocean swimming. He plays piano, watches Spanish films and eats lactose when he shouldn’t.