Rosanna Hurst

Rosanna Hurst


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Rosanna is a high-achieving King's College scholar with a double first in psychological and behavioural sciences and an MPhil in Criminological Research from the University of Cambridge. She has researched topics including using video data to investigate the nature of social interactions between children with Down syndrome and their caregivers, and using surveys to investigate bullying behaviours between young people in educational institutions. Committed to tackling social issues, Rosanna’s key interests include education and criminal justice.

Influential work

  • Received first-class honours for research on social interactions between children with Down syndrome and their caregivers
  • Self-managed a research project which approached bullying in educational institutions from a novel perspective, with a sample of 575 young people.Received two prestigious scholarships based on academic merit and potential for future excellence at the University of Cambridge
  • Was elected a scholar of King’s College, Cambridge based on academic achievement in second- and third-year undergraduate examinations.

Outside of Nous

Rosanna was a Cambridge Blue and a leader in various outreach programmes for King’s College and the University of Cambridge. She worked with a student-run homelessness charity, managing fundraising and publicity for her college. She also worked with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the North of England gain places at top universities as part of an access initiative run by King’s College, and has led sports sessions for adults with disabilities.

Rosanna holds a Master of Philosophy in criminological research and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

In her spare time...

Rosanna is a keen sportswoman and adventurer.