Zac Braxton-Smith

Zac Braxton-Smith


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Zac has deep experience at each stage of the policy cycle, from development to implementation, evaluation and navigating the media-political nexus. He combines a broad qualitative and quantitative research skillset with experience managing stakeholder engagement and communications initiatives across a range of organisations.

Influential work

  • Led a review of expenditure and function for a division of a state government department
  • Co-led a best-practice evaluation of a government department’s model of service delivery
  • Delivered a communications and training campaign on whole-of-government legislation for frontline staff
  • Managed the timely delivery and quality control of all media items for a local government
  • Led an advocacy campaign for a community organisation, working with the local Member of Parliament to develop an election commitment for new facilities.

Outside of Nous

Zac has worked in a range of roles across academia and state and local government. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Queensland.

In his spare time...

Zac enjoys exploring the outdoors, reading and trying new restaurants with his family and friends.