Leader Assessment: Discovering strengths and opportunities for growth

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For leadership development to impact performance, it needs to be informed by an assessment process. This process can help an organisation to understand what leadership development can look like and what capabilities should be prioritised in its context.
Tessa Dehring and Sally Cutts Principal and Director, Nous Group

Leader Assessment: Discovering strengths and opportunities for growth

In this edition of NousCast Shorts we speak to Nous Principal Tessa Dehring and Nous Director Sally Cutts about the power of leader assessment to help organisations prioritise their efforts when it comes to leadership development. Both Organisational Psychologists, Tessa and Sally talk through their four essential principles for effective leader assessment. 

You can find out more about Tessa and Sally on our website. You can also read their article, “Investing in leadership development? Without a leader assessment first, your efforts may be wasted”. You can connect with Tessa and Sally via LinkedIn. 

Guests:  Tessa Dehring, Sally Cutts

Host:  Ari Sharp

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