Business improvement programs: The self-funding way to cut costs and improve performance

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How do I best position my enterprise and reduce costs while maintaining or improving performance? Business improvement provides an answer. When done right, it can deliver up to 10 times return on investment in the shorter term, with significant ongoing benefits.
Martijn Schroder Director, Nous Group

Business improvement programs: The self-funding way to cut costs and improve performance 

In this edition of NousCast Shorts we speak to Nous Director Martijn Schroder about how organisations can undertake business improvement programs to deliver sustainable improvement to their bottom line. 

You can find out more about Martijn Schroder and read his article, Business improvement programs that deliver a 10-fold return? Here’s how it can happen., on the Nous website. You can also connect with Martijn via LinkedIn. 

Guest:  Martijn Schroder

Host:  Ari Sharp

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The NousCast Shorts podcast series brings you fresh thinking on some of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Each episode of NousCast Shorts will feature a rapid-fire interview with a Nous consultant about an emerging issue in their area of expertise – in about the time it takes to have a cup of coffee. 

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