Recruitment Privacy Policy

Privacy and Integrity Statement


The following statement is important and should be read carefully.

This statement summarises how Nous Group, uses and manages personal information when carrying out recruitment activities. It also outlines the existence of various pre-employment checks that Nous Group conducts to ensure that information provided by applicants is true, accurate and complete.

This statement is in addition to, and should be read in conjunction with the Nous Group Privacy Policy.


Nous Group collects personal information from you in relation to current or future employment opportunities with our organisation. Your personal information can be collected at any stage of our recruitment process.


Nous Group will use the personal information you provide to assess your suitability for current or future employment opportunities with us. Your details will be stored in our database of candidates where they may be accessed in the future if your qualifications, skills or experience match a potential vacancy.

Your personal details may be disclosed to people within Nous Group, to referees nominated by you, to your former employers and to any organisations that Nous Group engages to assist us with our recruitment process.


We provide all applicants with the ability to create an individual profile (My Profile) based on areas such as Experience, Education and Qualifications, Licences and References. This profile only needs to be set-up once. Please ensure that your Profile is completely entered and up-to-date so that your application can be ranked appropriately, according to your attributes and experience.

Incomplete data

If you do not provide all of the personal information that we request then we may be unable to communicate with you, process your application or offer you employment.


At any time you can access your account on the Nous Group recruitment web site to update your personal information and your resume, to ensure that the information we hold is complete, accurate and up-to-date.


We take significant measures to protect the database from access by unauthorised people. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your login details secure to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

Storage and Removal

Unless instructed otherwise we generally will keep the data provided for up to ten years from the time the data was last provided or updated. However, you may remove your personal information from our database at any time by closing your account, or by instructing us to remove it.


The integrity of Nous Group brand is of fundamental importance to our clients, our people and the communities in which we operate. To protect our integrity Nous Group carries out a number of pre-employment checks as part of our recruitment process. These checks may include some or all of the following:

Reference checks with previous employers Employment history verification Federal police criminal record Educational qualifications Memberships of professional associations Entitlement to work Identity check ASIC search

The information produced by these checks may lead us to discontinue your application for a current or future employment vacancy.


I have read and understand the Privacy and Integrity Statement and the Nous Group Privacy Policy.

I confirm that all the information that I have provided as part of my application for employment with Nous Group is true, accurate and complete. I accept that any false, misleading, inaccurate or incomplete information that I provide may lead to my application for employment being rejected, or to an offer of employment being withdrawn or to my dismissal from employment with Nous Group.