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Energy, resources & utilities

Growing populations are increasing demands on the critical inputs for civilisation, and the impacts of climate change have created the imperative for profound transformation in the energy, resources and utilities sectors.

Leading nations have committed to rapid reductions in carbon emissions and more sustainable approaches to how we obtain and use energy and resources. Organisations in the public and the private sector know that citizens, customers and staff expect them to change and much of the technology that is needed is rapidly advancing. The challenge for leaders is helping people and systems work together in new and impactful ways.

Nous is committed to helping reduce global emissions to net zero by 2050. We work with public and private agencies, including:

  • governments, regulators and market operators
  • companies that produce, refine, distribute and supply energy, water or resources
  • investors and consumer focused organisations
A new organisational design for an energy provider

A new organisational design for an energy provider

Nous delivered a whole-of-organisation redesign and consolidation exercise for a…
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